Live demo

This is a live demo where Hungarian text is converted into F1, F2 formant trajectories (male, female). The results are available in visual and numerical (CSV) representations. Please follow Step 1, 2, 3.

Start synthesis

Step 1
Type a meaningful Hungarian sentence, which will be converted into F1, F2 formant trajectories. Please follow these rules:
  • use only valid characters and numbers (a-z and A-Z and 0-9)
  • please do not use punctation (:;,!?.)
  • minimum 5, maximum 130 characters / sentence.
You can use virtual keyboard for accented letters. Or select from the demo sentences below.

Demo sentences: Sentence 1, Sentence 2, Sentence 3, Sentence 4, Sentence 5
Step 2
Select the female (○) or male (▽) HMM model.

Female HMM (○) Male HMM (▽)
Step 3
Click on the button below to start the conversion.