Idea: Gábor Olaszy (BME TMIT) 2010.

Annotation, segmentation: Gábor Olaszy (BME TMIT, Hungary) and Kálmán Abari (Debrecen University, Institute of Psychology, Hungary) 2010-2012.

Speakers: 6 female and 6 male adults, having Hungarian mother tongue, living in Budapest, and having different profession: teacher, actor, administrator, researcher, engineer, etc.).

Recordings: Each speaker read the same sentence corpus in a professional studio of BME with 44 kHz/16 bit.

Aim: OThe authors aim was to create a parallel speech database with precis labelling and segmentation to support research and applcation in speech technology. The labeling and the segmentation data have been controlled by hand. So these data are practically errer free.

Paper about the research: 
Olaszy Gábor: Precíziós, párhuzamos magyar beszédadatbázis fejlesztése és szolgáltatásai (Precisely labelled parallel Hungarian speech database). Beszédkutatás 2013. MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet. 261-270.  

Support: CESAR  (Grant no. 271022)